Saturday, January 16, 2010

Racing Track Cake - For Anirudh's 6th Birthday

I wanted to bake and decorate Anirudh's birthday cake. He wanted a racing track for a cake. My daughter Aditi was about 10 months old at that time. My Mom dropped some subtle and some not-so-subtle hints  for me not to make the snacks at home as Aditi would sleep very little even at night and I was terribly sleep deprived. And making the cake too at home!!! I was surely going nuts!

Out came 2 small square cakes,put side by side on a make do cake board. I managed top get some whipped cream from the bakery and finally the cake took shape. It was a pistachio flavored cake, soaked in simple sugar syrup, filled and topped with whipped cream.

Made 3 flags reading MRF,CEAT and Anirudh respectively. The candles became the lights. A part of Anirudh's car collection went on the track.  The cake became too heavy for the not-so-strong cake board, and was left with a visible crack demarcating the cakes. I was just thankful, that the board did not give in on the way to the table:-)).  First  public appearance of my decorated cake successful!!

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Sreekumar J said...

Race cake is a wonderful idea.

The food blog is a nice attempt.
Let it gets more views, comments, followers...