Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whipped cream at home at last!

I finally got my own hand mixer. Did quite some running around for whipping cream as I found it very difficult to locate a store which sold the same. Eureka! Fatima Bakery on Hosur Road stocked it. So got my packet of Rich's non-dairy topping , searched for tips on whipping the cream on the internet. My first opportunity to experiment with the whipping cream and mixer was around the corner - Girish's birthday.

I had baked the cake in hubby's favorite flavor - chocolate . It was a good omen when KEB did not play spoilsport while the cake was in the oven. The cake rose beautifully.  It was magical to see the cream starting to hold its shape in soft peaks. Was scared to whip any further as I had read that the cream would separate and curdle if over whipped. Had also got a cake comb and a new long serrated knife. Got a little too carried away with the knife and the slices became uneven. Anyways,filled the cake with 'my' whipped cream, covered the cake with cream,ran the cake comb  through the sides, decorated with strawberries and grated chocolate. Was it satisfying to hear my hubby and kids ask for more:-)) It was totally my creation... what a moment for a budding baker!!


gouri said...

i found this as very interesting because i just can try it at home,as chocolate cake is my favourite,will try it soon.looks very yummy to me!

Priya Narasimhan said...

Suma, Thanks for visiting my email id is Nice to know that you too are from Bangalore..Loved your blog..lots of useful information..
In this cake recipe, by non diary topping, you mean the whipped cream is a non dairy clarify..

Ramya Annamalai said...

Its very beautiful. I am very fond of making baking items. I stay in Banashankari. Can you please any nearyby area where i can get bakery items. My email id is All the best for your futures.

Ambili said...

Hi suma,

Do we get white decorator icing(stiff consistency like Wilton's) here in bangalore?Came to know about Institute of baking and Cake art from your blog and went there to get fondant, whipped cream and other stuffs.But i need a thick consistency icing for frosting the cake..any idea?

prakash anand said...

Please let me know where to find rusk and different types of cake moulds in bangalore