Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dulce de Leche (In the pressure cooker)

Dulce de Leche. Less fancily put, caramelized condensed milk in the easy versions of this much adored caramel flavored confection. Pronounced as dool-say day lay-chay  meaning 'milk candy', its used as a dessert topping, as an ingredient in cakes, brownies, bars and several other desserts. And then, there is an entire population out there who can eat spoonfuls of it straight out of the jar!

I have never really been tempted to make Dulce de Leche as I am neither very fond of intense caramel flavor, nor a raving fan of anything seriously sweet. Curiosity more than anything pushed me into this. After all, I have never really been brave enough to pressure cook a sealed tin of condensed milk! Dulce de Leche is also made by cooking condensed milk in the oven, in the microwave (the fastest way) and also from whole milk on the stove-top. Each method comes with its own merits and disadvantages.

As I gather, you could cook the condensed milk to varying degrees according to personal preference for texture, color and intensity of flavor. This obviously means you would have to make this a couple of times to figure out what exactly makes it tick for you. If you love caramel, you are not likely to complain a lot about the attempts. Even better, Dulce de Leche can be refrigerated for a month, while you can think of various ways of using it up. May be even gift jars of this to folk who appreciate the flavor.

Recipe source : Divya's Easycooking , original recipe source Anushruti's Divine Taste

You will need
Sweetened condensed milk, I used Nestle (not unsweetened or evaporated milk) - 400 grams
A pressure cooker
  • Fill your pressure cooker (10 liters) halfway through with water. Remove the plastic outer lid if the tin has any, make sure you do not open the tin. Fully submerge the unopened can of condensed milk in the water. Put the lid and the weight on the cooker lid, on medium heat, pressure cook  for one whistle. This took about 25-30 minutes. 
  • After one whistle, lower the heat to low and cook (still with the weight on) for 20-30 minutes. If you like your Dulce de Leche very thick, dark and very intense, cook for the longer period. Its better to cook less than more the first time. Vary the cooking time as needed the subsequent times you make it. I cooked mine for almost 32 minutes and mine was very thick, quite dark, with an intense caramel flavor. I shall cook for maybe 20 minutes next time for a less thicker, less intense sauce. 
  • The cooking time and whistle can be used as a rough guide as it could vary depending on the efficiency of the cooker and the heat given. So make notes as you go, make changes depending on the result you are looking for.
  • Once you turn off the heat, allow the pressure to drop. Open the lid of the cooker, carefully remove the can (leaving it in there may cook it further) and allow it to cool completely, again about an hour. Do not try to open it when hot as it could be dangerous. 
  • Once the can cools, open the lid and have your way with it! Refrigerate if not using immediately. You could push in half a pod of slit vanilla bean into the jar before refrigerating. The sauce thickens on cooling and refrigeration. Gently warm in the microwave to soften.


Priya Suresh said...

Feel like licking that spoon of dolce de leche..I love to make them through pressure cooker too.

SoSewMe said...


Found your blog a few days back. Really neat work. Loved your write-up on where to find supplies in Bangalore. Extremely helpful that. Can you also share which oven you are using for all your baking. Thanks!

SoSewMe said...

Hi, Found your blog a few days back. Love it! Really neat and good reference baking site. Can you please share which oven you are using for all your baking? I am planning to buy one, as I am new to baking I have no clue which one to go for. Thanks!

Hasna Hamza Layin said...

Pressure cooker seems easy though..i never tried it thinking of boiling it fr 4 hrs as i read somewhere bfre

Shubha said...


Shubha said...


Vinitha Naidu said...

Hi Suma! Must say that looking at ur pics as made me try this. Its bubbling away in the cooker as I type this. I have electric hobs at my place so it took almost 40 mins for the first whistle. Have reduced to low now and will leave for 20-25 mins maybe. Fingers crossed it turns out well :)

Savio Fernandes said...

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