Saturday, December 18, 2010

Divya Kudua's Guest Post

Divya Kudua of Easycooking needs no introduction in the blogosphere. But I will always remember her as one of the first visitors from the blog world on my blog.  I had then hopped on to Easycooking and was amazed seeing the sheer variety of recipes there. More amazed as she is someone who started to learn cooking only after getting married. And for someone who was not much into the kitchen route, her passion for cooking and baking and the kind of dishes she has on her repertoire leaves me dazed. And for someone who started the culinary journey just a few years ago,  her writing a blog as fabulous as Easycooking is extremely commendable.  Kudos Divya!! You really are an inspiration to many of us, particularly those who take new steps into the culinary world.
I have been a regular reader of her blog and love her writing, her sense of humor and of course her recipes and eye-catching pictures. Was, am, was a believer that a microwave is not really the best gadget for baking (I bake in an OTG), but had to change my mind after reading her review on the subject on Chef In You. Seeing the kind of bakes and cakes she has dished up, am now actually beginning to consider buying a convection microwave myself! Tiramisu Cake, Condensed Milk Pound Cake , Strawberry Cream Gateau, Hot Milk Sponge Cake, Orange And Chocolate Chunk Muffins , Paneer Ghee Roast would be on the top of my personal favorite recipes from her blog. Easycooking has also been my introduction to Konkani cuisine.

I had requested her for a guest post and she has been really sweet in dishing up something drool-worthy  and in accordance with my preference (hint, hint:-). So here comes shortly, Divya's guest post on Cakes and More! Thanks so very much Divya!! Here's wishing wishing my blogger friend and Easycooking all the very best!


Divya Kudua said...

Thank you so much for the lovely intro Suma.I hope I have done justice to your *hint-hint*,hehe!!

Anonymous said...

Sooper! Cant wait for Divya's treat :)

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

great job Suma...waiting for Divya's yummy recipe..
Tasty appetite

Priya Suresh said...

I love Divya's space, especially her cakes..Waiting for her recipe now..