Thursday, February 5, 2015

My First Ever Video! How To Use A Convection Microwave - Courtesy Videogyan

This is my first ever video and am really excited to put it up on You Tube! Since ages, I had been wanting to make one on How To Use A Convection Microwave, the most popular post on my blog. So when Videogyan , one of the leading makers of kids animation videos in the world, gave me the much needed push and support, I had to make it! It all happened so quickly and we shot with barely any time to plan. I was a bundle of nerves as the video will tell you!  But it was great fun and I loved every moment of it. It also made me realize the kind of time and effort that goes into the making of videos. I look at movie makers with more respect now! 

My sincere thanks to Ranga Rao Tatti, Vishal Tatti and the rest of Team Videogyan for all the help and support. Hopefully this will pave the way to the beginning of a series. Fingers crossed as of now! I hope you will watch the video and let me know your thoughts on it. Despite the awkwardness and the cat-dragged-me-in look, I hope you will find the video helpful.  

Thanks to each of you for being part of my blogging journey, hope to continue to get the same love and support as always!


Ambika said...

Hi Suma,

Thanks for the video. I am used to baking in electric ovens, but as I moved to India, I purchased an IFB 30lts convection microwave. And I have not been able to bake cakes very well in that. i have tried many times, but the cake still reaims raw on the bottom and the center, wheras the top almost gets burnt. I use the shorter rack as you have shown in the video, but still face this problem. I have tried lowering the tempreature and baking for a longer time as well, but that aslo doesn't work very well. I am totally frustrated by the results. Can you please suggest something? Its my daughters birthday in a week and I would love to bake her a perfect cake!!

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Ambika, I know it can be totally frustrating. I am not sure what you could try apart from what you already have. Did you check the temperature with an oven thermometer? Are you sure you are baking on convection mode?

Prerna said...

Hi Suma,
I have been an ardent admirer of this blog for a really long time. Its not just about the stupendous recipes, I also love the rather informative posts you've put up on sourcing ingredients in bangalore, and on fine nuances of technique :)
Thanks thanks thanks so much for this video!! My OTG is gradually going bonkers -- but I have, till now, not mustered courage to venture into microwave baking.
This video precisely breaks the ice :)
One question -- do you find microwave cakes turn brown and pretty ? I have heard (again, not tried myself), that browning is a problem even in convection microwaves.


Suma Rowjee said...

Thanks so much Prerna! Only sometimes yes there isn't much browning. But that has never been a problem, so please do try baking in the microwave.

Swetha said...

Thanks so much confidence to beginners the way you have explained them. Looking forward to a video on a simple sponge cake, followed by how to turn it into a cake with icing.

Saran Durai said...

Hi sums,
Could you kindly let me know when to use the large/high rack in convection oven??

Suma Rowjee said...

Sarn, you could use it for grilling.