Thursday, December 21, 2017

10 Delectable & Easy Last Minute Christmas Recipes!

Just 3 more days and it is Christmas! If you are like me, you will sit up with a start, like the day has just been announced. And then run around like a headless chicken. No store bought stuff, the baker's ego just can't take it. Moreover, you can't miss the pleasure of baking those goodies at home. 

The need of the hour - quick, easy, delectable. You know the kind which can be made with just a whisk and spatula. Reluctant beginner or an impatient, seasoned baker, here are a few recipes for you, hope you will try these!

1.Candied Orange Peel  - You need to start with this! Trust me when I say, homemade is amazing! You can make this first and store in the fridge for a month or until you decide in which recipe these will go in.

Watch me make it:
Read recipe:


2. Candied Orange Slices: A variation of the above, these are delish and pretty enough to gift!   Watch me make it here

3. Quick Mincemeat: Alright, you had all intentions to soak that stash of fruit 3 months ago.
It is human to procrastinate and then completely forget all about it. Fret not, this fruit mix will come together in 10 minutes and will keep well upto 3 days. You can make it with or without alcohol. This can be used in fruit cake or mince pies, you can get creative and use it in other things as well. Read recipe

4. 5 Minute No Cook, Cashew Marzipan: For those pretty, festive decorations for the cake. No tricky sugar syrups, so it is an almost no-fail thing(if you carefully follow the instructions of course) 

Watch my Video:
Read full recipe

5. Gingerbread Men: What is Christmas without cookies? This easy dough is quick and you can use it up in 2 days, when time and patience permit. I really like this way of rolling the  dough. Do watch the video here

6. Chocolate Fruit Cake: Sounds weird interesting right? But it tastes so good (please don't go by the picture)! If you have that homemade candied peel in the fridge, you absolutely must try this! Watch the video


7. Egg Free Dark Chocolate Truffles: Melt-in-the-mouth dark chocolate pleasure. Play around with the basic recipe, these make  great homemade gifts. Watch the video

8. Snowball Truffles: Creamy White Chocolate Truffles rolled in coconut. You can stuff them with your favorite toasted nuts, kind of homemade Raffaello. Get the recipe here

9. Stir and Mix Moist Fruit Cakes : Not your traditional boozy fruit cake, but delectable nonetheless! Nothing to stop you from brushing some rum over them if you want to make it boozy. These will get baked in 15 minutes, so you can be done and dusted with these and move on! Watch the video

10.Moist Whole Wheat Carrot Cake: An amazingly good cake with warm spices.No one will know it is 100% whole wheat unless you tell them! 
Watch video:
Read full recipe:

And a couple more slightly involved recipes if you feel upto it.

11.Whole Wheat Decorating Cookies: Egg free, crisp cookies with translucent centers. Time to humor the kids! Read recipe recipe

12. Winter Solstice Cookies: Chocolate cookies with caramel centers. Read recipe

13. Chocolate Almond Roulade : A dense chocolate and almond roll filled with coffee whipped cream. Can't be bad right? Read recipe

14. Meringue Mushrooms: Light and crisp, these will delight the kids! Plus you can use them to decorate the Bulche De Noel. Read recipe

15. Mince Pies: Spicy Mincemeat encased in light and buttery pastry. While you are at it, make some extra pie dough and freeze for later use. Read here

If you like what you see, please share the post. Hope you will try a few of these recipes, I would love to hear from you. Happy Baking!

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