Friday, July 31, 2020

Participant Feedback For Online Sessions

Happy to share feedback from the participants of my online baking sessions for beginners.I am planning to do more intensive ones soon. Please email me for more details.



It was a great session. That was something I was looking for. There are people conducting baking workshops but it all starts with a recipe. I hadn’t seen or worked with baking tools and ingredients before and it was a hindrance to me in giving a try. For many households in India ovens and baking is a 21st century thing and so it doesn’t come to us naturally. I have been following your blogs and videos and I must say they are detailed with the perspective of a beginner. Keep rocking!! If you are a beginner and want to get your basics right, you need to take her session. It’s more than just recipes that you would need, to be able to bake well. You will learn how to get started with baking, try and improvise recipes to bake delicious cakes and much more. Pratima Bose
Your baking sessions were a wonderful start for me that I needed from a very long time. I used to bake but without having knowledge on basics and few tips which are very crucial. Now after attending your sessions and information that you have shared has helped me a lot to learn more. This is has given me good start with my baking journey. 
Thank you so much for getting opportunity to attend your sessions which were really good. I like the way you have shared every possible information a beginner expects from experts. Looking forward for future sessions on advanced level baking session. It was my pleasure to get  to know you. Thank you so much. Sneha Nayana

The sessions were really good and fruitful. I have had an oven for years and it's only now that I know I will be able to bake proper cakes. Thanks for all your practical inputs and insights! Charul Sharma

'Thank you so much for making my basics very strong. Just because of your both sessions I learnt so much and could bake two 6 inch bake and decorate it very nicely. And another thing I can tell you is you are making time to listen to our questions and answering is the best thing you are doing...please continue doing this. Really thank you so much!'' Ashritha Vaddiraj

First of all I would like to thank Suma for making me understand the basics of baking as it definitely clears your fundamentals and sets the stage for baking. She took through all the baking instruments in detail and also helped share the usage. The recipes that she shared were quite simple and yet delicious. So, thank you Suma for making the baking humanly possible which I used to think as impossible. Padmalaya Patnaik

Very informative! If you want to bake as a hobby or wish to become a home baker, contact her, I assure you, she is damn good! Richa Gupta

It was a pleasure to learn from you about baking. Thank you for today's session, got to know where I was wrong in baking. The way you explain is very easy to understand. Truly appreciate your time and patience in responding to all our questions. Attached are the pics of the cookies and muffins. Tried them as you suggested and they came out really good. Thanks much again and I look forward to learning more from you soon. Sanghamitra Mishra

Thank you for your classes and it is really a great motivation for baking.Today I have baked eggless chocolate cake. It came out superb.its the first time I could bake this much perfect cake, it was amazing. Once again thank you. I could realize that after attending your class my confidence for baking increased. Anima C

I baked a cake today. Your class and recipes really helped me, thank u so much. Looking forward to more of your workshops - Smita Kulkarni

I tried the eggless cocoa cake today. Made it in a tin because I did not have the cupcake tray. It looks beautiful and is soft. Have not tasted it yet. I was so eager to inform you about my achievement. Thank u so much. Now that I have the confidence, I will keep trying the cakes from your blog and YouTube channel. Jisha Ravi

Dear Suma, It was a wonderful session today .I learnt so many small-small things which I was ignoring while baking . Rajbala Singh

That was a very informative session. As a beginner, I have always had doubts about the tools and oven. I shall buy the tools you have suggested and try again. Keerthi Kurnool

 Thanks for the amazing workshop and helping me with the basics of baking Madhumita

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