Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Kaju Badam Granola (eggless) - The beginner's first bake!

Granola is one of the easiest and simplest recipes in  baking. I usually recommend this or granola bars for people who are baking for the first time. Cakes and brownies come later. The good thing about baking granola and granola bars is they are usually eggless, requiring almost nothing by way of technique, so it is hard to mess up. They usually don't have any leavening agents like baking powder or soda, so even if you remove it from the oven, check and put it back, there won't be any damage done. A little under or over baked and this will still taste decent enough. The only way you can mess it up is by burning it! 

You can learn how to use your oven while you try these recipes. And yes, granola especially, can be made in small quantities so that you are not left with a lot of stuff on your hands  in the name of learning baking! 

If you are a beginner, I hope I have sold the idea of trying granola to you! Here is a very simple, basic kind of recipe you can try. 

Watch my video here on my channel for beginners in baking https://bit.ly/2XSEn9g

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Kaju Badam Granola (makes a generous 1 cup)

Ingredients. Use the right ingredients and tools, weigh for best results. Measure carefully.(product suggestions in the links here)

Quick Cooking Oats  -  75 grams / 3/4 cup approximately , weigh after sifting 
I prefer this, you can also use thicker rolled oats if you prefer. I like to sieve the quick cooking oats first, so the powdery part is left behind. 
Raw almonds - 25 grams, sliced
Raw cashew - 25 grams
Dried coconut , shredded - 10 grams
Honey - 20 ml  
Neutral oil - 15 ml / 1 tablespoon
Caster Sugar  (Powdered sugar will not dissolve well) - 1 tablespoon
Dates, chopped - 2 tablespoons
Raisins, chopped - 2 tablespoons  (or any other dried fruit of your choice) 
You can add some vanilla or cinnamon if u wish.


  • Preheat oven to 130 C. Granola is always baked at low temperature, so the oats get well toasted and become crunchy without burning.
  • Line the tin with baking parchment. Take a tin with sides like this so it is easier to stir the granola while baking. 
  • In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients: the oats, coconut, kaju and badam.  we will add the dry fruit it later. 
  • Take the oil, honey and sugar here and heat it for a few seconds. We need the sugar to dissolve, all the 3 ingredients need to get well combined. You can add some elaichi powder or cinnamon or some vanilla if you like. Take the honey mixture off heat
  • Using a silicone spatula, mix the wet and dry ingredients, make sure the honey mixture coats the oats and nuts well. This will be slightly moist but not wet.
  • Spread the mixture evenly in the baking tin in a thin layer. 
  • Bake for about 20 - 25 minutes or until the granola turns a nice golden brown. Stir the granola once after 15 minutes and redistribute making sure you take it from the corners. 
  • Bake again for 5 -10 minutes. The baking time may vary depending on your oven.
  • The granola will be soft when you remove it from the oven. But it will become crisp after it cools. The baking time may vary depending on your oven. So watch carefully, we do not want to burn the granola. 
  • Let the granola cool completely and then stir in the dried fruit. Store airtight. You can snack on this as it is or have it with some cold milk. 

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