Sunday, May 23, 2021

Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake

Birthdays and special days are synonymous to lots of desserts, we are no exception! The daughter turned 14 recently, so something chocolate it had to be! 

Loved this creamy and smooth Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake, perfect for chocoholics like us. It is rich, but not too heavy on the palate, and I am definitely making it again! If you are looking for a super easy make ahead dessert, this is one you absolutely must try! 

I had tried this Chocolate Idiot Cake, a very similar cake from David Lebovitz earlier, a great recipe but with a whole lot more butter. The below recipe is also from one of David's books, The Great Book Of Chocolate, which he has adapted from Nick Malgieri. 

Without much ado, here is the simple recipe. As always, do remember, details make the difference. Weigh the ingredients and follow the instructions for best results. 

The recipe uses a water bath, so if using it for the first time, you may find this video helpful.

Chocolate Mousse Cake (Flourless)


Water 1 cup / 240 ml
Sugar 100 grams (use caster sugar or powdered)
Unsalted butter, very soft, cut into pieces 100 grams
Bittersweet chocolate, chopped (70% cacao is recommended, check out Sihi) 285 grams
Eggs 6 large / 300 grams (without shell)
1 to 2 tablespoons dark rum ( I just used more water)
Instant coffee 1.5 teaspoons ( recipe uses orange zest and rum)

  • Pre heat oven to 160 degree C. Grease an 8'' round tin, line the bottom with baking parchment.
  • Keep on hand a larger baking tin as the cake needs to be baked in a water bath. 
  • Heat the water, coffee and sugar in a large saucepan. Once the sugar dissolves, take it off the heat, stir in the butter and chocolate. Stir until the chocolate melts completely.
  • Whisk the eggs to combine (add the rum if using). Whisk it into the chocolate mixture ensuring the eggs are incorporated well. No need to work up a volume.
  • Transfer the batter to the tin and set it in the larger tin. Place in the oven and pour hot water such that it reaches halfway up the sides.
  • Bake for 45 minutes or until the center feels just firm and no longer liquid. 
  • Remove the cake from the water bath and cool on a wire rack. 
  • Once it cools, run a sharp knife around the cake and invert on a serving plate. Peel the parchment away. 
  • Cut into very slim slices and serve with ice cream / whipped cream or chilled coffee creme angalaise.
  • The cake can be stored for 3 days in the fridge. Bring it to room temperature before serving. 
Warning : It will be difficult to keep your hands off the cake, so if you are scared, it may be a good idea to share some with your neighbors and friends!

Please note : 

If using a chocolate which doesn't specify the cocoa percentage, you may have to reduce the sugar by 25 grams or so, or the cake may be too sweet. Adding coffee will help cut down the sweetness. 

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