Video Series - Baking For Beginners!

I believe an audio-visual medium is more engaging and fun when you want to learn baking! Here are a few videos I have put together on my YouTube Channel, Cakes And More!  
Baking basics and recipes of course universal, but ingredient and oven-wise you will find these more relevant for Indian bakers.

The videos have been segregated into playlists for convenience. Please do watch my videos, hope you will find them useful. Please do leave your comments for me, tell me what you would like to watch on Cakes And More!

Please do remember to follow my page on Facebook for regular updates on new videos which will be released every Monday. And then, it would be wonderful if you could share them and help me reach out to more baking enthusiasts, bring out more videos for you! 

Here are a few videos you can find on the channel. Hopefully, enough to get your started and get familiar with a few basics, prepare you to attempt just about any recipe you want to try! Please do drop by.

Much Love,
Suma Rowjee

Basic Tips - Start Here! 

Where do I start? - An Introduction To Baking

How To Use A Convection Microwave

Essential Basic Baking Tools To Buy & How To Use Them

More Useful Baking Tools & Gadgets

Baking Tins & Pans To Get Started

More Irresistible Baking Tins & Pans - When The Fever Rages On!

Baking Conversions Chart - Video

Basic Conversions Chart - Print From Here

Baking Preparation Tips - For Faster & Stress-free Baking!

Baking Ingredients

How To Check If Your Baking Powder & Soda Is Good

Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

Eggs - How To Use Them In Baking

Sugar - What Kind Is Best For Baking

Flour - Types Of Flour, Use The Right Kind For Best Results!

Yeast Types And How To Know If Your Yeast Is Good

Almond Meal - How To Grind Almonds For Baking


How To Measure Flour Correctly For Baking

How To Line A Square Tin

How To Separate Eggs - Separating Whites & Yolks

The Easiest Way To Melt Chocolate!

How To Tell At A Glance If Your Bread Dough Has Doubled


Peanut Butter And Chocolate Chip Granola

Seriously Easy Butterscotch Sauce - Dress Up Your Desserts!

The Easiest Dark Chocolate Brownies - Dazzle Them All!

The Easiest Chocolate Icing / Frosting - Ganache

Cafe Volcano Cookies

Lime Syrup Mini Bundt Cakes

Easy Pizza Sauce - Never Sauce From A Bottle On Your Pizza From Scratch!

Herb And Cream Potatoes - Baking Without Rules!

This page will be continuously updated as and when new videos are released. Do stay tuned!

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