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Hello! This is Suma Rowjee, a passionate home baker, blogger turned YouTuber, based out of Bangalore, India. My blog and channel are mostly about baking and desserts. 

Learning baking is a dream for millions of us and it has been immensely satisfying to contribute my bit in aiding aspiring bakers to achieve this. Being a self-taught baker has made me realize the importance of knowing the basics and taking the right approach to learning baking.

My audience and viewers are not necessarily but predominantly Indian. Baking is universal and I am confident my blog and the channel will give a head start to anyone who wishes to start baking. Here is what some of my readers and fellow bloggers have to say about me.
I have tried to provide information pertaining to Indian ovens, local ingredients, and tools so it is much easier to actually start baking. You will see plenty of recipes from renowned international authors on my blog and channel, information on international brands and books if you have the chance to try these. 
The channel currently has ~38,000 subscribers and more than 5 million views. 
Creating useful, relevant and quality content while building a relationship of trust with my viewers and readers is my primary objective for the long-term. 
I would also be interested in: 
  • Developing recipes and content for brands
  • Product reviews.
  • Baking demonstrations and workshops.
  • Write stories and recipes about traditional South Indian food. 
You will find me here on YouTube, hope you will stop by! 

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YouTube Channel - Baking For Beginners


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