Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pumpkin And Coconut Milk Soup - Guest Posted By Deepthi Shankar

 Deepthi Shankar aka Deesha. You know the pretty, petite, ever-smiling blogger behind Vegetable Platter. We bumped into each other courtesy blogger-ville. And then discovered we have both lived in the same town, although never met each other earlier having studied in different schools. Small world! Deepthi's 4- year-old blog is full of amazing pictures and recipes of drool worthy food, primarily South Indian cuisine.  Savory Onion Crackers / Baked Nippattus made all the more wholesome with whole wheat and oats, wicked Mango Burfi and a very interesting Tomato Bhartha have been on my to-try list from her space. Love her photography, the knick knacks she uses to make the food truly stand out. Thanks Deepthi for taking time out for this post! You are too generous with your kind words for me!

Here is a lip-smacking Pumpkin Soup laced with the flavors of galangal and coconut from Deepthi..

It’s lovely to be writing a guest post for Suma who is a fellow Bangalorean, an amazing baker & an
enthusiastic blogger. We all know that her cakes & bakes are to die for. When she asked me to write
a guest post on her blog, I knew I should not be writing a baking recipe on a Pro Baker’s blog so it
had to be something else. And, I came up with a Pumpkin & Coconut Milk Soup which is perfect for
Bangalore’s weather right now.

This soup has subtle Thai flavors with the amazing creamy coconut milk & galangal. So, if you are
a fan of Thai cuisine, you will fall in love with this soup. So, while Suma takes a tiny little blogging
break, I hope you will enjoy this recipe.

Thanks Suma for the opportunity. Now let’s head to the recipe, Shall we?

You will need:

1 large white onion – Roughly Chopped
1 small Red/Yellow Pumpkin – peeled & cut into small cubes
200ml coconut milk
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1 tbsp chopped galangal
1 tbsp light soy sauce
2 tsp butter
1 tsp brown sugar
1 ½ tsp Red Chilli Powder
Salt as per taste

How To:
Bring a pot of salted water to boil, add pumpkin cubes & cook till they are nice & soft.
Reserve the water & set aside.
• In a pan, melt butter & sauté garlic & chopped galangal for about 30 secs. Add chopped
onions & sauté until the onions turn slightly pink. Set aside & allow it to cool a bit.
• In a blender, add cooked pumpkin cubes, sautéed onions & grind it to a smooth paste adding
very little or no water.
• In a soup pot, bring the water that was used to cook pumpkin to a boil. Add pureed
pumpkin, red chilli powder & onions. Throw in some salt & simmer for 2-3 mins. Now add
coconut milk, soy sauce & brown sugar, check for salt & gently simmer for about 10 mins.

Serve HOT with crusty bread & enjoy your meal!
I used store-bought coconut milk but can make it on your own too.You can also use canned pumpkin puree & a tbsp of ready-made Thai curry paste instead of the spices, I’ve used here. Makes it even more easy & quick.


Valerie said...

I love squash soups in the Fall and Winter. Galangal is something I am not familiar with ... is it the same as ginger, which I can get here easily. Thanks.

chef and her kitchen said...

Thats a very nice soup and a good post by Deesha..

Archana said...

Thats a lovely combination..I love Thai food and this sounds great for the rainy weather here. Deepthi's blog is really beautiful, love the pictures

Unknown said...

Nice and yummy soup!!! yeah it will perfect for the weather in Bangalore now!!


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Unknown said...

Lovely guest post. Pumpkin soup looks colorful and yummy.

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Unknown said...

delicious post and love the color

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Priya Suresh said...

I dont bother to have this fantastic soup tonite for my dinner, excellent guest post.

divya said...

tht's looks so tempting ...yum

notyet100 said...

Luved the flavor,,will try sometme,,,:)