Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chocolate Coffee Volcano - For Neelima!

Chocolate Coffee Volcano . If I could rattle off 3 things that changed my life, it would be marriage, kids and food blogging!  Blogging made the love and obsession with food seem almost normal. Well, it is! Or you would not see so many food blogs around, would you? Considering that blogging does require quite some amount of effort, time and dedication, I am all admiration for those who have full time careers and still manage to blog!

My friend Neelima, a full-time dentist by profession and a mother of two, is one such energetic blogger. She is a fitness enthusiast, with equal passion for her food and workouts both! Her blog  Slices'n Spices will tempt you to try her eggless bakes, breads, traditional sweets and a whole lot of mango desserts! 

Thank you Neelima for giving me an opportunity to guest post for you and connect with your readers! And apologies for the really long time I have taken for it! 
So what do I bake for the lady? A cake as per her wish alright, a tiny bit jazzed up with one of my most favorite dessert sauces, home-made custard. Here for you Neelima is a Chocolate Coffee Volcano, well...almost! A fancy name for a chocolate cake filled with rich, smooth and creamy coffee crème anglaise. It's a fabulous marriage of flavors, chocolate and coffee. Adding to the visual appeal is the bundt cake and the custard poured into it. 

You could brulee the custard if you have a blow torch to make it more of a 'volcano' . The cake recipe here is just a suggestion. Pull out your favorite chocolate cake recipe (I insist!) especially if you love bakes with dark chocolate. Bake mini bundts for pretty individual servings. Pour the chilled custard just before serving, brulee the cream in front of your guests for extra oohs and more drama!

Please do drop by Slices n' Spices for more pictures and the recipe !


neelima said...

Oh wow thanks for those tall words! The pleasure to host your gorgeous post is all mine! I look forward for more such inspiring interactions with you, all the best for your future ventures, stay blessed always!!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Beautiful click, heading to slices n spices!!!