Monday, October 8, 2018

Dulce De Leche again - the safe and easy pressure cooker method!

So we are all hooked to that dreamy, sticky gooey wonder-Dulce de leche! I have made it several times in the pressure cooker, immersing the sealed can in water and cooking it. Realized that it is not safe as these cans typically have BPA lining which can get ingested into the condensed milk. Ouch! That takes the fun out of enjoying this irresistible candy. I started hesitating recommending and sharing my blog post and video for making it. I eventually took the video down too. 

But dulce de leche is too good to say good bye to without putting up and good fight and umpteen trials. It is super versatile, amazing as it is and then your creativity is the only limit. Use in mithai, cakes,puddings, desserts and everything you can think of. 

I tried making it in the oven. Found it too cumbersome to get the pan in and out of the water bath without burning my fingers. And then it was not as smooth. The microwave method gave me a really chewy and hardish dulce de leche - what's the fun?. But then I found my answer again in the humble pressure cooker!

It is so simple, you will laugh. And then feel happy that, that is all there is to making the irresistible candy. I wonder what took me so long to look at the obvious solution staring at me since so long!

Let me spare you the long story, here is what worked for me. You can watch the video here. 

You will need a can of condensed milk.I used a 400 gm can of Amul Mithaimate. 

A stainless steel can with a tight screw lid. Remember those days when our grandmothers would use it to take milk, curd etc for journeys? You can get it at a departmental store nearby. 

A pressure cooker. I use my Hawkins 5 liter cooker.

  • Transfer the condensed milk to the steel can, turn the lid such that it is very tight. We do not want water getting into the can.
  • On the outside of the can,mark the approximate level of condensed milk in the can.
  • Take clean drinking water in the pressure cooker (just in case water gets in the can). We need the water level to be up to or above the level of condensed milk in the can. That is we need the condensed milk to be surrounded by hot water during the process. No need to immerse the can in water.
  • Keep a heavy weight on the can ( I use a heavy marble piece). You can use anything suitable and heavy you have at home. This weight helps make sure the can doesn't tilt and fall into the water during all that rattling.
  • Put on the cooker lid. Put the cooker on the gas stove on high heat. Once the steam starts appearing,put the weight on. Lower the heat to medium.
  • Cook for 3 whistles and turn off the cooker. The entire process from start to finish takes 25-30 minutes in my cooker. The time may vary in yours depending on your cooker, the water level , the amount of condensed milk in the can etc. In case you do not get a whistle (or get fewer whistles) in 25-30 minutes, switch off the cooker. The dulce de leche should be done.
  • You can try cooking it for 5-10 minutes longer if you want a more intense flavor and darker color. But do not cook for too long or the dulce de leche will not taste good. 
  • Let the pressure drop completely. Let the can remain in the hot water until the water cools off. This will help cook the dulce de leche further.In case you think you have already overcooked the dulce de leche, remove it from the hot water when the pressure drops. 
  • Once the can cools completely,open it. If the dulce de leche is not very smooth, whisk it or run it in the mixer jar. 
  • Whatever the texture and color, the taste will be great,no worries on that count. Make it once or twice,you will get an idea. 
  • The dulce de leche can be stored in the refrigerator airtight for at least a week. 
  • If you are constantly making this whenever you see a can of condensed milk, and get hopelessly addicted to it, don't blame me. 

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