Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Online class Announcement - Baking for Beginners.


Are you ready to explore the exciting world of baking? Get ready in time to bake your own Christmas cakes? Check out these workshops coming soon! Please let me know your thoughts and if you would like to register. I will fix the dates based on the response.

Day 1 What you need to know even before you think of baking! 2 hours

1. Introduction to baking - Knowing these things will save you a lot of trouble and disappointment!
2. Ovens - an overview, your options.
3. Baking tins. What you really need to get when you start - The beginners set.
4. Baking tools. The simple, but most important tools for best results.
5. Ingredients - know your ingredients, use the right things, the right way.

This session will empower you with basic knowledge - super important to avoid tears and frustration!

Day 2 - Delicious, Easy Recipes!  2.5 hours

1General recipe tips - things you absolutely should know about baking recipes. 
2How to weigh and measure your ingredients.
3. Granola and variations (eggless) - your first bake
4. Eggless Chocolate Cake (pre-recorded)
5. Eggless Chocolate Chip cookies (pre-recorded)

6. You will learn how to read a recipe, how to prepare for it and then bakeLearn how attention to small details will make a big difference to your baking!

Pre-recorded videos will allow me to help you better, pause and take your questions, rewind if needed! An interactive & no-holds barred session of clearing all questions and doubts.


1. Build your basic baking set up.
2. Basics of baking to help you start the right way and get fabulous results!
3. A confident you ready to try more recipes, you won't have to guess if you will fail or succeed every time! Avoid disappointment, recreate the same magic every time!
4. Recipes and notes from session and all handy information in printable format via email.
Plus - A surprise bonus recipe
5. Product recommendations and helpful links
6. Email support for the next 1 month to help you bake and learn.

Fee Rs.2,000 (for Day 1 plus Day 2) 

Additional fee Rs.500 if you would like to bake one recipe of your choice when I am online (1 hour) to support and troubleshoot as you go! This will be done a week after the above sessions when you are ready with your set up. There will be a maximum of 6 people in this extra session so that I can give personal attention to each participant.

Registration details will follow, limited seats per batch, first come first serve basis. Looking forward to your response! 

Please let me know which of these dates you prefer by filling this form 

Read what workshop participants feedback here  https://bit.ly/3ilwkJZ

Leave your email ID in the comments below if you would like more information. Or write to me suma.rowjee@gmail.com

Looking forward to your response!

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