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Baking Supplies, Baking Ingredients In Bangalore, Baking In Bangalore

I  have found it quite a task to figure out where we can find some not-so-commonly used or known ingredients in Bangalore. This is an attempt to share some information I have gathered so that it can be useful to others. Please do share any relevant information you may have.

Thanks to the information generously shared by my readers. I have updated the same here too. Your support is very much needed to grow the baking community. I am making an attempt to also link up other sites and blogs which can provide similar information for other Indian cities. If you have some information you can share or know of any site or blog which has similar information, please do guide us to it. Thank you for your contribution to the home-bakers community!

Institute of Baking and Cake Art - 9342825279
  • Edible cake toppers: As in printouts of any image you mail them. You get a ready to use cake topper,just frost the cake and then zap!!! Isn't that cool!!
  • Springform Tins I have never found these before, you bet I bought a 9" pan, am looking forward to bake in it.
  • Variety of Sugar Craft flowers, leaves, a few cartoon character faces, glitter sugar, colored vermicelli(like chocolate vermicelli).
  • Ready to use "Happy Birthday' edible topper. This would be great for the artistically challenged like me or when you are in a hurry, just warm the message and top on the frosting!!
  • Egg less Concentrate: I have never found this before in any other store. Honestly I have no idea how to use it, but bought it any way.
  • Acetate sheets: The kind strips used to give shape to desserts and mousses.
  • Whipping Cream and Powder: Found whipping cream in 1 kg packs. Whipping cream powder available too, haven't tried this before, supposed to be good.
  • Flower and leaf cutters, other tools used for crimping.
  • Dark chocolate, White, Milk compound chocolate and other varieties
  • Chocolate Chips, cake tins, piping bags, nozzles, muffin trays, chocolate molds, pastry brushes, spatulas, icing spatulas, food colors, pie tins and other regular baking stuff.
  • Sparkling sugar, colored vermicelli: In different colors.
  • Silicon Molds: In different shapes and regular small molds.
  • Instant yeast or Rapid Rise yeast
  • Gluten: Used for whole wheat bakes for lightness and texture
  • Digital Kitchen Scales
  • Doughnut Cutters
  • Plunger Cutters: Used for fondant decorations. I have seen only leaf design and in sets of three, flower cutters also supposed to be available.
  • Disposable piping bags
  • Bench scrapers : Used for scraping the dough from the work surface while kneading bread dough.
  • Meringue Powder or Egg white powder: For royal icing decorations, crystallized flowers. 
  • Parchment lined disposable mini loaf pans, brownie boxes.
  • Chocolate, Pineapple emulsions - used for coloring and flavoring cream 
  • Lollipop Sticks / Cake Pop Sticks 
  • Baking Parchment
  • Orange peel
  • Clear Vanilla Essence
  • Cake Gel
  • Strawberry, Apple, Blueberry, Peach filling and Topping
  • Tinned Blackberries, Blueberries,Litchis, Pears, Mango, Pineapple 
  • Paste colors
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Cream Of Tartar
  • Puff pastry sheets - sold only in bulk
Make sure you carry cash as cards are not accepted
Phone number  9342825279. Landline: 080 22106619

Fatima Bakery - Hosur Road
  • Whipping Cream

Shops near KR Market Flyover
  • Normally stock 2 kg packets of whipping cream. I use Rich's non-diary topping.

Shops near KR Market Flyover
  • Whipping Cream Powder 
  • Cake Boards
  • Palette Knifes 
  • Serrated Knifes 
  • Edible Flowers
  • Colored Sprinkles
  • Silver Beads 
  • Piping bags
  • Big nozzles
  • Canned fruit
  • Cake tins in different shapes

Durga Enterprises - Madivala - 25502009
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Dark Cooking Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Canned fruit

  • Cookie Cutters
  • Self raising Flour
  • Good Quality essences
  • Food Colors
  • Nozzles
  • Some varieties of Cake tins
  • Good Cocoa Powder
Nilgiris - Brigade Road is the best. You can try other outlets too.

SPAR, Koramangala
  • Flaked Almonds
  • Flaked Pistachios
  • Pine nuts 
  • Mascarpone Cheese
Found the above for the first time at this place

Super Market - Brigade Road
  • Rice Paper
  • vanilla pods
I know! The name of the store is Super Market!. Address is Ground Floor, 5th Avenue,183, Brigade Road.Phone: 25581248.

MK Retail - CMH Road Branch
  • Egg Replacer Orgran. This is gluten free as well.- Information courtesy, author of Curry Leaf.

Jamals - Forum Value Mall - Whitefield
  • Bundt pans
  • Muffin trays
  • silicon muffin trays
  • silicon cartoon moulds
  • non-stick bakeware
  • piping bags
  • nozzles
  • and other imported baking stuff
They have branches on MG Road and Sigma Mall on Cunningham Road

Shops on JC Road - near SBI
  • Cake Tin Manufacturers Shops

Shops in Arihanth Plaza - Commercial Street
  • Ramekins - : I found them ramekins with lids of Treo brand
There are about 3-4 shops in the basement. Check at Adams, Shivajinagar too.

General Food Additives

  • Ready to use fondant (white) - half kg packs
  • Carrageenan (vegetarian gelatin)
  • Turntables
  • Cream cheese (Britannia)
  • Hazelnuts
  • Vegetable shortening
  • Dark cherry filling
  • Strawberry filling
  • Gum paste cutters set      
  • Morde Chocolate strands
  • Milk Compound chocolate
  • Instant Yeast - You get a brand called Gloripan in 100 grams packs . Worth trying out.
  • Demerara  Sugar - 500 grams pack, very reasonably priced.
  • Cake pop sticks 
  • Ice cream scoops to be used as cookie dough scoopers
  • Pretty cupcake liners and loaf pans
  • Variety of plunger cutters and fondant cutters
  • Golden brown sugar - A brand called Trust, packed by the manufacturer in convenient 1 kg packs.
  • Chocolate / cookie gift wrapping boxes
  • Silicon brushes
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cream of tartar
  • Self raising flour
  • Caramel syrup - for plum cakes
  • 8 ,9,10'' spring form tins, Cake tins, muffin trays, loaf pans
  • White, dark, milk choc chips, butterscotch chips
  • Choc molding trays in fun shapes
  • Liquid glucose
  • Pectin
  • Oil based essences
  • Cake mixes 
  • Cocoa powder - Morde
  • Canned fruit - Cherries, blueberries, pineapple etc
  • Measuring cups, spoons, liquid measuring cups
  • Whipping cream
  • Candied ginger, orange
  • Cake gel
  • Cookie cutters
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Instant yeast ( Gloripan and another brand called as Angel)
  • Caster sugar, super fine sugar
  • Sprinkles
  • Silicon molds
  • Pie tins
  • Piping bags, syringes
  • Emulsions - which basically work for both coloring and flavoring purposes in cakes
  • Bench scrapers
  • Vital Wheat Gluten (sold only in 1 kg packs)
  • Other regular baking supplies
Address is - PO Box 2016, #175/3, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Land mark - Opp, HDFC Bank, Bangalore 560020, India. Tel : +91-80-2336 7878, 2336 0517 You can view their product list here.

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M&D said...

Extremely useful information Suma. Thanks for sharing with all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,

Extremely useful info. I had been looking out for this info for ages.I am also an amature baker and had a tough time looking out for many ingredients i Bangalore when i visited this time.U did a awesome job by giving out this info. Thank You.


Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Rekha! Glad this was useful . Will keep updating as and when I find more info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info suma... I will certainly go and check for the stuff in these places. Hope it is available.

I take sugar craft classes, sugar flower classes as well as supply equipments - cutters, edible colours, fondant, gum paste.
Any one requires can ctc me on:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these information. Can you please tell the shop name near KR market flyover where we get whipping cream powder?

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi! I do not remember the name of the shop as such, there are so many small ones there. But I guess you would find it in all shops there which sell bakery material. Will certainly make a note of the name of the shop next time I go. Will update here.

Indrani said...

Thank you for posting such an useful post. Can you please let me know where we get Bundt cake pans?

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Indrani! You can try Jamals at Forum Value Mall, Whitefield. They are supposed to have a whole lot of imported baking stuff. Will update more info once I visit the place, including the phone numbers.

Sum said...

Hey! This is very useful..... i had been looking for paper muffin cups from a long time....

Indrani said...


Thank you so much for getting back to me. I have called them and they told me that they have it.

They were kind enough to agree to send it to me in Visakhapatnam.

Thank you very much Mrs. Suma.


Suma Rowjee said...

@Indrani- That's great Indrani! Glad to be of help.

Sneha said...

You are right!! It is a real task to get info about baking supplies in Blre!! This is just wat I was looking for!! Thanx a million!! :0)


Blue said...

hi, i appreciate all the efforts you have taken to give this priceless information!..thanks a lot..
any idea where we could get muffin liners and butter paper/parchment paper?
thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

You can find whip cream powder @ Amaravathi Essence Mart (near KR Market Flyover, 41, A S Char St, Chickpet ). Whip cream ( ie the liquid form) is available in Spar.

Suma Rowjee said...

@Blue- You get mini muffin paper liners in MK Ahmed Stores, essence marts near KR Market flyover. Try Jamals for larger ones.
Butter paper is available at most departmental stores. Do let me know in where area you live in, may be able to help better!

Blue said...

thankyou so much suma..
i stay in kaggadasapura, near to indiranagar. i think i will try jamals whitefield forum mall for the butterpaper and muffin liners.

yesterday i had gone to spar to buy unsalted butter but unfortunately they had run out of stock. any idea where else u can get unsalted butter?
i was also looking for cookie cutters in spar, but did not get the same. guess, i have to hit nilgiris brigade rd.
Thanks again for all the help!!

Suma Rowjee said...

@Blue- You get unsalted butter at most Nandini milk booths. Check Nilgiris unsalted butter packets too at Nilgiris and other super markets.

Blue said...

Oh, i didnt think of milk booths!

sweta said...

hey..cannot thank you enough..i live in kol but since i cannot find most of the things here i have been desperately looking for any place i can get them from.i adore baking and decorating the cakes and you just made my day:).thanks again!

Suma Rowjee said...

@Sweta- Welcome to the baking and cake decorating lovers club!!Please do leave your mail ID.

preeti.prasad said...

I came to this blog thru sum's cuisin. What a wonderful blog you have! you've given a list of places where we can find items required for cooking. There is one more Jamal's in SIGMA MALL, Cunningham Road where you can find- Bundt pans, Muffin trays etc.

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Preeti! I did not know about Jamals in Sigma Mall. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody!
Nice to see so many baking enthusiasts. I have a one stop shop for all you guys. This shop sells everything related to baking..ingredients as well as the equippment. INSTITUTE FOR BAKING AND CAKE ART. This is near the double road fly over. This is their website.
They have courses too. I attended one of them. All the best.


Suma Rowjee said...

Hi there!! Thanks a zillion for this valuable piece of info! Now watch us all make a beeline to this place!! Would love to have you mail ID.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,
My email id is I don't check my email too often though. Once you contact me over mail, I will give you my phone number and then we can get in touch. :)


Rekha said...

Hi Suma,

This is a gr8 list of info on resources, I plan to kickstart my baking classes next week. I know I shall be hopping in here often. Gr8 job!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,
First of all let me thank u for sharing such useful information. Could u please tell me what would be the price of whip topping cream. One bakery guy is ready to sell me Rich's whip topping cream 1 Kg pack for Rs 180/-. But I hesitated to buy thinking that it was very expensive. Kindly tell me if the price would be the same everywhere? Can we store it in the freezer for a long time once we open the pack?

Aparna said...

Sweatha sent me this link when I enquired about baking supplies in Bangalore.
Thia is a great info page.

Here's one more place.
General Food Additives, 1st Main Road, Seshadripuram, Bangalore.
Ph: 233678768, 23360517

I got chocolate chips and chococlate for cooking from there. I believe he has other baking supplies too.

sweta said...

Hi suma,
My email id is you are doing good:)

Neela said...


This is a good news for all the cake baking lovers in bangalore. I found a one stop shop for all the bakery items. Yeah aparna is right. General Food Additives in seshadripuram has entire stuff related to Bakery and Ice creams, including, whip cream in powder and liquid form, piping bags, nozzles, all types of essences, cake tins, muffin trays, chocolate moulds and what not?????.

The address is:
General Food Additives,
1st Main Road,
Opp to SBI ATM,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore.
Ph: 233678768, 23360517

The timings are: 10:00 A.M-1:45 P.M and 4:30-7:30 P.M

Hope this information is useful to everyone.

suma said...

Hi Neela! Its great to know that so many things are available at this store. Thanks so much!!

Saritha Thomas said...

Thanks you for taking time to help fellow Bangaloreans. Can u pls tell me how to locate Durga Enterprises, Madiwala -?

Suman said...

Hey! This is awesome. I am new to Bangalore and would always wait to go back to Chennai to do my shopping!!...

Has anyone ever tried to buy heavy cream, molasses or corn syrup? If yes, could you let me know where you get it from?


Suma Rowjee said...

@Sarita- This is at a small side alley near the Hanuman temple. Think there is one shop on the main road called as Shobha stores. Will try to collect the exact info on directions next time I visit.

@Suman- Welcome to Bangalore Bakers Club!! You can try Amul fresh cream , though am not sure if it would classify as heavy cream. Or try Rich's whipping cream. For the other things try Spar or Super Market. Good Luck and keep in touch!!

Suman said...

Thanks Suma. Amul fresh cream is a low fat cream and so would not work. I could try out the whipping cream as suggested.

Till I am able to check out the corn syrup - would you know if I could use sugar syrup as the substitue in chocolate glaze?

Suman said...

Hey! Would anyone know of a simple sugar paste recipe?

Suma Rowjee said...

@Suman- Check out this recipe for sugar paste here

Am sorry, have no idea about the sugar syrup as a substitute, haven't tried making a glaze:-(

Madhur said...

Thanks a ton Suma...I cant tell you how helpful your blog has been for me today...I have been struggling hunting the cake decoration stuff in the nearby departmental stores and those guys used to look at stars when i would ask them for cookie cutters, cake toppers or any baking related material....I am gonna visit Fatima bakery this weekend itself...Thanks a ton

kala said...

hey suma , your info has been of so much help!! thanks a ton.
any idea as to where would i get heavy cream in blr ?

suma said...

@Madhur- Haha, its a big challenge in Blore right??
@Kala- Haven't come across heavy cream anywhere, only whipping cream and Amul low fat fresh cream. Will surely update if I see it anywhere..

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this wonderful info.had a hard time locating some of the things.

u can find glucose syrup/liquid glucose in nilgiris, brigade road. i read somewhere that it can be substituted for corn syrup in some recipes.
i also found golden syrup, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese(used in tiramisu) and many other in spar, mantri mall, malleshwaram.
hope this helps.

thanks again- shreya

Anonymous said...

very useful info. thanks a ton.
can u please tell me where to find sugar/candy thermometers in bangalore. waiting for ur reply. thanks

suma said...

@Shreya- Thanks for the info!!
@Anitha- Haven't come across candy thermometers here, will surely update if I find the info.

Suman said...

Hi Suma & Anitha,

I bought a thermometer from the Institute of Baking here in Bangalore.

Bought a digital one that works pretty well. It costed me aroung rs 1000/-

Hope this helps.


Suma Rowjee said...

Thanks a bunch for the info Suman!! This will be found so useful by so many!!

Anonymous said...

lovely lovely lovely info .... thanks a ton to all of you .... :)

usha said...

Hi Suma,

My name is usha, i stay near deverachikkanahhalli near IIIM bangalore. I want to know where can i get the whipped cream, choco chips, choco granules, dark chocalates.... I am very much interested in preparing cakes, But i couldnot get all ingredients.

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Usha- The nearest would probably be Spar on Banngerghatta Road. You can also check Metro on Kanakapura road. You could refer the above shops I have mentioned. Hope this was helpful. Do be in touch!!

Anonymous said...

hi...i hv just moved to bnglr couple of months back n was looking for dark chocolate, choco chips n other things...i must hv asked so many people but no one had any idea...thanks to this blog will soon visit these places for all the stuff..thanks a ton...i m also looking for oil based essence will i get d same there some shop in n around marathahalli...


usha said...

Hi suma,

I went to that place where i got every thing what i need. It is a good shop. I got whip cream,choco chips, dark and milk chocalate, cake stand.... Thank You very much for address.
General Food Additives,
1st Main Road,
Opp to SBI ATM,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore.
Ph: 233678768, 23360517

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanx for the info. This is so amazing. Went to Baking institute and bought a lot of stuff.

Could somebody help me find pectin for Jam making am going nuts searching for it i stay near richmond road.


CJ said...

Thanks a bunch for the info on where to buy all the baking stuff... after trying a lot of supermarkets around I came across ur blog & info on where I can find Cooking chocolate & springform tin & a lot of other items. Thanks a bunch once again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys,
really awesome love this blog, got so much valuable info from it,bin dyin tryin to find where to get what,thankyou so much to all of you..its really cool, does anyone by anychance know where to get the torch you use to make creme brulee, i make the caramel, the regular way...bin searchin for the blow torch a while..any info would be really appreciated...cheers and take care!!! Stevie !

Pavithra Srihari said...

I just dont know how to thank you for this wonderful info.. Have seen institue of baking , that old building almost everyday but never thought they would have all these .. should nt judge anything by it looks ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Suma...

had gone to amravati's at KR market n found all that i needed...thanks a ton....


meghana said...

Hi Suma,

First of all, THANKS! The info you have shared is invaluable - I know how much i struggle to find baking ingredients. I am a novice baker and would love to know where I can find the following:-
Angel food cake pan
Souffle moulds
My mail id is
And lastly, its great to know there are so many baking enthusiasts Bangalore :)

Sasha said...

Hi Suma,

This was such a useful post and thanks to this, I discovered the Institute of Baking where I've signed up for a course next week :)

Where did you find the egg separators?

Some info from my side:
1. Organic vanilla pods and organic vanilla powder are available in FabIndia.
2. Yesterday I baked an eggless dish and it turned out soft & fluffy. I noticed on some of your posts that you're not enthusiastic about eggless baking. I used 'flax eggs'. I ground up some flax seeds (about 2 tblspn) and mixed with 6 tblspn of water, stirred and kept aside. I got caught up on unexpected chores at home and so my baking project was postponed for 3 hours. The flax-water combo remained and I stirred occasionally. By the end of 3 hours it was gelatinous and gooey like an egg and I believe that's what made my baking turn out well yesterday! Just wanted to share :) Of course, you need not keep it for 3 hours, but I believe that at least 20-30 minutes should help!

nitasha said...

It's great to see such a nice group of cake bakers. I will love to be a part of this group. I want to join icing classes . Can someone guide me . I stay near Banaswadi.

suma said...

@Meghana- Try for the cake tin at Adams or Nilgiris. Am not sure if we get Kirsch here, try at SPAR hypermarket or Supermarket, Brigade Road. You can get souffle moulds at Arihanth Plaza , Commercial Street and maybe Adams too.
@Sasha- You can get egg separators at Adams and Jamals too. Great to know we get vanilla pods and powder at Fabindia. Thanks a ton!! Have fun with your baking course.
@Nitasha- Welcome to the group! No idea where near Banaswadi you can learn icing. Will keep you posted if I come across any info.

Suman said...

Hi Suma,

Would you have an idea if we get meringue powder or albumen powder? If yes - where?

Also would you have any idea of pasteurised eggs? Do we get them here? I will check in Spar but have you tried anywhere before?

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Suman! I haven't come across meringue powder here nor pasteurized eggs. Nope, haven't tried to get them here... ,must beg someone to get meringue powder from the US;-)

We do get expensive packaged eggs in Food World,they must be low cholesterol, no idea if they are pasteurized though..

Suman said...

Hi Suma,

Just wanted to let you know that I have seriously gotten into baking. My speciality is CUPCAKES.

I have an entire range (with eggs & eggless) and if anyone is interested, please do pass on my email ID:

Here is a link of a few pics of the cupcakes that I have baked. I have an entire list of them and can send across the list with the prices.

Thanks in all the support that you have given me :) You have an awesome blog here!

Suman Gandhi

Sayantani said...

very useful information suma. thanks a bunch for this post. will visit the Instt as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rookie Qookie said...

Thanks Suma for sharing this info...I really needed it :)


UJWAL said...

Hey i found one more store in 4th block jayanagar where they sell different shapes of cake moulds, biscuit and chocolate cutters.

Anjana super store
#83, 27th A cross,
4th block, jayanagar,

cheers :)

cindreen said...

Wow Suma, great job, compiling all this info! i was looking for a place to buy cake tins/trays n i got it here. Thanx so much!

Anonymous said...

Great job Suma that's a lot of work!
Some more info if you need it..You can get Rich's cream directly from the dealer called Shakti on the road opposite Coles park Junction - don't have the number but am sure you can get it from just dial.
For the ones who live in the North of Bangalore, there is a place called Baker's needs on Oil mill road near Kammanahalli where you get all ingredients, boxes and boards at wholesale rates.
And for the one who lives at Banaswadi, check the website, they may be taking classes. Their cakes look awesome...

Anonymous said...

Cookie cutters anyone?... christmas designs?.... i stay in cooke town


Radhika said...

First of alll thanks for alll the info sahred with us... was burning my head where i can get alll these stuffs,especially Whipping Cream....i saw ur facebook pics... must say u r great. ur cakes was looking soooo Yummmmmmmy i had send u a frd rerquest in FB hope u willl accept..
Thanks Radhika Chauhan

kavya said...

Thankyou very much for sharing information on baking ingredients. I stay in HSR Layout. As Durga Enterprises is nearer to my place today just now i went to that place. Actually i went for Baking soda,whipping cream.But i could not get these two from there. Can you suggest me a place nearer to HSR Layout. I need baking soda,whipping cream . As i am new to baking i could not find these in shops. I am new to bangalore.

Moreover i got one more Phone number of Durga enterprises. Ph NO.25502079.
I found this shop with very difficulty. It is located in between houses one Agency running. Actual name is Durga Agencies. It is not Durga Enterprises.On the main road Madiwala Hanuman Temple, one Ayyappa temple is there. Between Ayyappa temple and Laxmi Venkateswara Medical Stores one lane goes inside. We have to take that lane, go further then near to madiwala post office it is located. If we ask for this durga agencies local residents will guide us.

M D said...

Hey Suma, excellent compliation. To add to these, Hypercity mall in Brookefields sells

Other imported nuts
Cooking spray
Whipping Cream spray
Varieties of imported cheese

I also saw waffle maker once, not sure if they still keep them.

I am not sure how relevant this is, but it may help your readers... Foodworld in Whitefield too has a stock many imported ingredients like Whipping Cream Spray, Lindt Dark Chocolates, Haagen Daz ice creams, imported soy milk, imported silken tofu, gelatin, variety of pastas, gnocchi and lasagna sheets, sauces like Teriyaki, Worcestershire, Tabasco, imported vegetables like Chinese cabbage, celery, broccoli, asparagus, wheat-grass, fresh parsley, granny smith apples, etc. I hope this helps. :)

Deeba PAB said...

Well done Suma...what a tempting list!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,

My best friend introduced me to your blog, and I must say, it is AWESOME and really helpful for us cooking & baking enthusiasts! keep up the great work!

PS - any idea where I can get double cream in Bangalore?

suma said...

Thanks everyone for contributing valuable info! Am so glad it is being found helpful by so many people.

I have not seen double cream here, will update if I see it anywhere.

kavya said...

Hi suma

Where can we get baking soda in bangalore? I am new to baking and bangalore. In all shops including MK Retail,MK Ahmed,Spencer,Spar they are showing me cooking soda.

kindly suggest me the place where i can get baking soda.

suma said...

Hey Kavya! I haven't come across a label reading baking soda here. If I am right, its the same as cooking soda, I have used this and works just fine.

Can I have ur mail ID pls?

Anonymous said...

Friends try "" for all your cooking chocolate requirements. These are belgium recipe chocolates made in singapore & now available in India.

farina said...

hi.. can someone please tell me where can i find cream cheese in bangalore.. i live in frazer town.. if not.. what can i substitute for it.. i m planning to make baked cheesecake.. thanks

Gauri said...

Hey Farina, Instead of cream cheese u can use hung curd... the cheese cakes taste just as awesome :)

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Farina! You could use paneer for cream cheese. Good luck with your baked cheesecake, sounds yumm!!

Anonymous said...

Hey suma

You have made life easier for all bakers.hats off to u for so much of research made on availability of baking items/ingredients.well i wud like to add an info abt mkretail supermarket where u can get most of the baking utensils.please visit to find out their branches within blore.


Baking Supplies said...

Baking Supplies

This is so nice delicious post... Thanks for sharing the wonderful post...

Anu Gummaraju said...

wow! thanks a ton for the info! it's a huuuuuge help!

Bakery Equipment said...

Wow Nice Post,

Thanks a Ton for this useful information...

I have subscribe this blog for your next updates...

Neena said...

Does anyone have a list of places to get all these valuable stuff in kolkata!!!!

jayashree said...

Hi Suma,
Discovered your blog today and I'm thrilled to know that u are also from Bangalore & share my new found interest in baking.
I have been looking to lay my hands on vanilla pods for a long time , and my search has borne fruit here.
Some imported bake ware is available at Home Stop Stores, opp to Garuda Mall.I found tube pan there.
I would love to keep in touch with you. My email ID is

Kavya said...

Hi Suma,

This is some very useful info. Thank you so much!!!
Any idea where i can find gingerbread man cookie cutters.Thanks!

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Kavya,

You get cookie cutter sets in small boxes at most good departmental stores selling bake-ware. You may find gingerbread man cookie cutters in these, I did!:-)). Try Nilgiris. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am in search of lollipop sticks. I need them very badly where do I get them in Bangalore

Anonymous said...

Hi there, i am in search of lollipop sticks. I need them very badly where do i get in bangalore ie around shivajinagar/lingarajpuram/malleshwaram

Divya Kudua said...

Hey Suma..Kudos to you for compiling such an exhaustive list.I am not familiar with places in Bangalore or else I would have gone to all of them at once next time I'm there!!I sent in a reader here who enquired about baking supplies in Bangalore and I came to check myself..boy,the list has grown so long now!!Really,amazing work!!

Suma Rowjee said...

You can find lollipop sticks / cake Pop sticks in IBCA. You could check at General Additives too.

samej said...

Dear suma
Can u please post whole wheat bread receipe?can v substitute gluten instead of adding maida?if so please post the measurements also...

Anonymous said...

Hi, good to see so many enthusiastic bakers in blore. Pls, tell me where i can find Original maple syrup here in bangalore? Tried many supermarkets but did not find...

Anonymous said...

And also molasses, date sugar, rice bran syrup, brown sugar..any help will b greatly appreciated

Yasmin said...

Hi Suma,This is a wonderful blog. Thanks so much for updating us.There is another place in Bangalore - Lingarajapuram (Oil Mill Road) called Bakers Needs. They have really nice stuff here. However, do you know where I can get puff pastry and double cream? Hope to hear from you soon?!

Ripvanvinkel said...


Owe you big time for this. Been searching for it for quite sometime.

suma said...

@Samej- I will be posting a recipe soon,though not fully made with wheat.

Check Nilgiris and Super Market Brigade road,Spar and Foodworld, Whitefield for maple syrup. You can get demerara sugar at Nilgiris and Foodworld. Genreal Additives too.

@Yasmin -Thanks for the info! Haven't found puff pastry sheets here:-(. Same for double cream. U do get low fat cream,Amul and Whipping cream.

Lavanya Karthik said...

This is a very helpful post. I use to get my baking supplies from MK Retails. They carry a wide range. Recently I am looking for Almond flour/meal to make macaroons. Where can I get it in Bangalore?


suma said...

Hey Lavanya! I haven't seen almond flour here, your best bet would be to make your own at home!! Good luck!

Lavanya Karthik said...

Thanks Suma. For making Almond flour, just medium course grinding the almonds in mixer would be sufficient I guess. Please correct me if wrong.

Saritha Thomas said...

Hi Suma

There is a store called Prem Provisions at Ibrahim Saheb Street(Parallel to Commercial street road)
Address: # 6, at Ibrahim Saheb Street, Bangalore 560 001.
Phone: 080 25592715

So for those who can’t make it to IBCA, etc can drop by here after shopping at Commercial street!

You get Cooking chocolate-milk/dark/white(weight as required), dry fruits, orange peel, pine nuts, walnuts, basic baking essentials etc there.

U have been a great help for many so here’s a small addition from my end!

Suma Rowjee said...

@Lavanya- Do check this link
@Saritha- Thanks a ton!! Will update this!

Priyanka said...

hi Suma,
where can i get coffee liqueur in bangalore?

vandana said...

This is a great information...your other posts also have lots of information ..

I want to know where you get parchment paper from ?

Is butter paper same as parchment paper because I used butter paper this weekend for my baking this weekend but the paper just got stuck with the cake and didn't come out .Any help ?

Suma Rowjee said...

@Priyanka- Haven't come across coffee liqueur, check Spar or Supermarket. Do let me know if u find it anywhere.

@Vandana- Butter paper and parchment are different. Most shops sell butter paper here, check IBCA, you may get it there in all probabilities.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hiii Suma, I am rajasree.Thank you very much for posting those information. I luv to bake. I was looking for those stuffs.Where is tis KR market?i reside near leela palace.pls let me knw.i cant wait 2 go there.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know where we can get chocolate for melting? Like, bars or slabs of chocolate or chocolate buttons that you can melt for various desserts.
Help appreciated.

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Rajasree! You can find KR market using Google maps(above). U could also visit Institute Of Baking before you explore KR Market.

You can try Morde dark compound chocolate bars for melting, baking and in desserts. Available at IBCA, General Additives, Durga Agencies and other places.

Megan said...

This really helped me a lot!

Do you know where we can get tart tins/moulds?

Evelyn said...

This is such a helpful blog!
Thank you so much. :D
I just have a question, does anyone know any place where they hold cooking/baking classes for teenagers and adults? Where they teach you the basics first and then move on to bigger things?

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,

Priya here.. Where else can you get bundt pans other than at Jamal's? I went to the one in Sigma mall and they said it was closed since a month.. :(

Indulge said...

Dear Suma,
Firtsly, I would liek to say that your blog is doing a wonderful job for all baking enthusiasts.

I am an artisan Chocolatier now transgressing into baking. Visit me at / 9449016849. We take individual as well as corporate orders.

My biggest problem in Bangalore has been finding Baking tools suppliers (tools such as scrapers, turntables), organic food colouring and special chocolate as in produce from various regions of the world such as South America, Ghana, Peru etc. As of now I import everything from Singapore and Malaysia. Any local contact especially for origin chocolate would be much appreciated.


suma said...

@Evelyn - IBCA does conduct baking classes, check with them.

@Priya- U can try for the pans at their other outlet at Forum Value Mall, Whitefield. Check IBCA too, Adams, Shivajinagar

@Sushma- Great to know about you! Turntables, bench scrapers etc are available at IBCA and Adams. General Additives may be of help too. Sorry, have no idea about the chocolate, will update here if I get any info.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suma, thank u very much.Rajasree again.Hav u been 2 Maison Des Gourmet which is @ Lavelle Road.

Anonymous said...

Hi rajasree again.good news for Blr people.we can buy puff pastry from IBCA. This is the of Indira- 9986088025. You hav 2 call her & place an order. Minimum order 1kg.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,

Kindly let me know where will i get marshmallows to prepare fondant.
Is fondant and sugarpaste the same?
pls let me know.

usha said...

can any one can tell me how to mix(quantities) whipping powder to get cream

Anonymous said...

Hi - Thank you so much. This is just amazing. I was getting so frustrated about not being able to get cupcake liners, range of food colours and Rich's whipping cream. This is just awesome. Planning to try someof the shops today itself.

what are shops near KR fly over selling Rich's whipping cream?

goldie said...

Wow... looking at all the comments I am feeling very scared of finding ingredients and resources in Bangalore when we came back from US.

As a baker.. at present I feel lucky to be in US....but getting scared of what is going to happen to all the recipes that would require a ton of ingredient that are not available in Bangalore :(...


Mano said...

Thanks Suma.I had been to Nilgris on Brigade they have a whole lot of baking stuff.I even got pure Vanilla Extract made in Kerala(95Rs only)from Nilgris.There is another shop Anand Brothers,near Masjid off commercial street.They have Tutti Fruity,Candied Ginger,Glazed Cherries and dry fruits.

Anonymous said...

very useful information. thanks for putting it up. does anyone know where i can get good cupcake liners? the ones you get at nilgiris is of very poor quality.

Anonymous said...

This is a very helpful post... Thank you so much for putting this together! :)

I am looking for colored sprinkles (different shapes)to decorate cupcakes. Any idea where I can find them?


Suma Rowjee said...

@Mano- Thanks for the info!
@Anonymous- Do try IBCA and Jamals for good cupcake liners.
@Sonalika - IBCA again! Nilgiris too..

rashi sachan said...

thanx soo much 2 all of u for this information... i am sure it will be a v helpful info. thanku.

raa said...

hi can anyone tell bus route fr genral food additives

raa said...

can u tell me the bus route to tht shop which stop i should get down

sonia said...

hello ma'am.. i think i'm just in the right place.. ur blog is amazing.. n wit info of b'lore... thnk u.. now i will regularly visit ur blog.. ;)

raa said...

hello......... hi can anyone tell me the bus route fr general food additives shop which is in sheshadripuram to go in bus were to get down ..............since i travel in bus ...............i know sheshadripuram coll and all i searched but i did nt get so can one guide me please .................

Suma Rowjee said...

@Raa - Am not sure about the bus route, you could call up the shop and ask them to guide u.

Anonymous said...

@Raa-take buses from platform no 22 in majestic which stops in a stop called central from where you need to walk to 1st main road the shop is opp to a SBI ATM.

Suman said...

Hey! Would anyone know where I could get 1KG cake boxes? I need the plain white ones.

I stay on Bannerghatta road so if there is some place nearby ...please do let me know ASAP. This is urgent!

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...


I am looking at learning baking during the weekends.
Does any institute / anybody offer baking classes on the weekends.

raa said...

@venkat i know central stop should i move towards mantri mall side road or towdars sheshadripuram coll road .............

Suresh said...

Excellent blog however no one could pin point & write where we can get baking soda in Bangalore, in fact Mysore would be better, since we live in Mysore

Bharati Sudhir said...

Hi Suma,

This is such an enviable treasure trove!! Thanks for taking the initiative to put this together. I have always been a great fan of baking but never really got down to doing it my self. However my eight year old has now got me hunting for someone who will teach me baking !! (things the little ones make you do!) I am based in Jayanagar, Bangalore and would like to know if you offer baking classes (weekend classes would be ideal) or know of some one who does. I eagerly await your reply.


Anonymous said...

Any idea where i can get Candy Thermometer? :)
Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

Candy Thermometer can be bought from Institute of baking and cake art Mission Road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,
I just got myself an OTG; but not very sure about what kind of utensils can be used in it. Please do let me know.

Nandini said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nandini said...

Hi Suma
this is such a treasure ... have been struggling to find the baking supplies myself and being an beginner in baking was really getting discouraged :) will surely visit the IBCA soon
Take care

Arati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

H Suma, Rajasree again.Hope so u r doing well. Do u know whether IBCA has sugarcraft or sugarpaste gun or not?It is used for decorating cakes.

Sasha said...

To the poster above asking about pure maple syrup:

I found Grade A Maple Syrup, Canadian brand, in MK Retail, AECS Layout, Brookefields (near Whitefield) once.

At present, I'm able to find organic Grade B Maple Syrup in HyperCity, near Kundanahalli Gate. It's by a UK brand called Waitrosee and costs Rs.765/- for 330 gm.

The sad thing though is that most stores don't stock these kind of 'exotic' ingredients I have to keep looking!

Shruthi said...

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou so much for these information!!!!! This is very helpful!

SHRUTHI said...

Hi, This is Shruthi from Mysore. First I have to thankyou for these wonderful and helpful info. I don't get anything in Mysore so i'm stuck making the same old chocolate cake every time! But now I can try so many new cakes! I just have one query though. One cake recipe from Nigella Lawson mentioned a Golden Syrup. I don't know what that is or where to get it. Can anybody help me please? I'd be so grateful. Thankyou again!

Priya Kumar said...

Thank you for putting this information together. I went to IBCA and found everything there except the bundt/tube pans. There is occasionally some bakeware on too, but you would have to try various search strings to get the right match. But worth trying if you are comfortable shopping online!

aks said...

hey,thanks to you for compiling this information.I am new to the world of baking and found your site extrmely helpful.
I found liquid glucose,food colours and essences and sprinkles nad choco and strawberry chips at Nilgiris JP Nagar 3rd phase.

Keep up the gud work.

Ridhi said...


I am based in arekere, bannerghatta road, Bangalore and would like to know if anyone offer baking classes (weekend classes would be ideal) or know of some one who does. I am really fond of cooking and learning new stuff... have always been fascinated by baking and cake decorations... im interested in learning... please let me know where can i join... Eagerly await your reply.

aks said...

Hi Ridhi,
I stay close to urs.Behind Kalyani Magnum.(relatively near compared to blore standards)

Anonymous said...

very useful information the way some of the baking products are also found in METRO CASH AND CARRY.on kanakpura main you know where i can buy popsicle moulds here in bangalore?

Anonymous said...

Best Chocolate Brownies – Very nice chocolate brownies. You will be taught how to prepare the most beautiful ganache for the brownies.Bakery Equipment

Priyanka said...

HEy ridhi, I too stay near arakere gate and im planning(yet to decide)to join the cooking class at IBCBLR shortly.u can mail me if u r interested.

Mish said...

Lovely Job Suma!

I just got my first OTG the day before and am all excited, yieeeyyy!!! So that makes me a newbie :)
The interest developed during my stay in Holland.....a fact- to get the baking ingredients & accesories is much easier in the west than here.

Indeed a great compilation done by dear Suma & inputs from rest of the junta is a boon for every baker!

I stay near Koramangala and would like to know if there are any particular shop selling the accesories, ingredients for baking apart from spar.....also if anybody has any clue about baking classes nearby Kormangala, plz let me know!
Happy Baking all :)

Ramya said...


Thanks for putting this list together. I was wondering if you know where I can get sour cream or a substitute I can use.


aks said...

Jamals at forum value mall is a treasure trove for bakers..they have this piping bags and nozzles..there was this one set with around 50 + nozzles priced at 1800+ :(

Anonymous said...

nice list :)

Does anyone know where i can find cake mixes - especially red velvet cake mix?

Divya Selvakumar said...

Hi, thanks for sharing the information regarding where to get ingredients in Bangalore, its very useful. I have a passion for baking cakes and would love to join the bakers club to share ideas :) Please let me know how.. Thanks

aks said...

as for the cake mixes i found some in hypercity(royal mall) and they even had ready icing in cans (plain and chocolate) by pillsbury.

RAP said...

Wow I am overwhelmed by the info i gathered here. I am a baking fanatic. Thank you Suma.

Does anyone know if a food/candy thermometer is available in bangalore? I would love to buy one

Anonymous said...

hi suma,

this is a wonderful blog. three cheers to u.

i stay in indiranagar. recently shifted to bangalore. i wanna buy chocalate bars morde s for making chocalates, can u guide me bout a store near by?also where can i find coco butter? and rice crispies? please guide.



Suma Rowjee said...

@Rajashree - Sorry for responding soo...late! Am not sure, you could check, do call them up to find out.

@Sasha- Thanks a bunch! Yes, we don't always find these things!

@Shruthi - Sorry, haven't seen Golden Syrup here, check at Spar, Nilgiris, Hypercity, IBCA

@Priya Kumar & Aks - Thanks a lot!

@Anonymous- No idea about popsicle moulds, sorry..
@ Mish - IBCA again!

Suma Rowjee said...

@Ramya- Try yogurt in place of sour cream

@Aks- Thanks again!

@Anonymous - cake mixes - Most supermarkets, not seen a RVC mix though.. make your own cake from scratch!!:-))

@ Divya - Do not have a group as such, but yes a Baker Forum on Face book, do join!

Suma Rowjee said...

@RAP - candy thermometer - at IBCA?

@RK - Thanks! You could buy at Durga Agencies, Madiwala or request IBCA to home deliver. Worth making a visit to IBCA, do check.

Suma Rowjee said...

@ Anonymous - Hey yes, you get these Popsicles at most departmental stores, ask for Kulfi molds..that's the only kind I have seen.

ambika kiran said...


Hi, I have never use or made golden syrup up until now.

I searched the homemade version of Golden syrup. hope it comes out well when you try.

link is:


Anonymous said...

Sour cream is available at the Gourmet shop at MG Road.

Anonymous said...


Do you get bread flour in Bangalore?

ambika kiran said...

Here is recipe for Homemade Sour cream. I am not sure the kind of heavy cream available There. but, you can give it a try.

2 c. heavy cream
2 tbsp. buttermilk
Combine whipping cream and buttermilk in a sterilized glass jar. Stir well. Cover loosely with lid or plastic wrap. Let stand in warm place until cream becomes thick, approximately 24-48 hours. Stir well.

Mary said...

Hi Suma
Thank you form posting such invaluable information. It is indeed very generous of you to do so. It is just what I have been looking for. I come to Bangalore a frequently so you can imagine how useful this information is. Can't thank you enough.!

Anonymous said...


Where do i get modelling tools in bangalore?pls help.- Rajasree.

BRed said...

Hello Suma! This is absolutely amazing... Ur time and energy is a bible out here now. Remember seeingr some post asking for Golden Syrup as I skimmed thru... Nilgiris on Brigade Road has a brand called Elmers priced at about Rs.70...
Would you know if fondant animals or cupcake toppers readily available?



Anonymous said...

Hi Bhavana!

You could email me at for your requirements.


Anonymous said...

It WAS delicious, to looking the Baking and Cake Art in ur blog
Bakery Equipment

Anonymous said...

Hi, this blog is very helpful. Thanks for lovely info. Do u know any shop fir whipping cream and chocolate truffle base near by marathahalli. All the shop mentioned here are far, and I am new to Bangalore.
Got the some richs products venders from But not sure they will deliver at door.

Parinitha said...

Hello Suma,

Any idea if I can get cocoa butter in IBCA or General Food Additives? If not, do you or does anyone else know where I can buy it? Any help is highly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Amazing work!! Godbless u for putting this together!!Any idea where I can find similar infor on baking products in Mumbai??

Anonymous said...

thank you for the info.i have been trying to find these ingredients from a long time and finally you have made my search end.thanks a lot!!!

Suma Rowjee said...

@Parinitha- Sorry, no idea about the cocoa butter..

Divya said...

Awsome i was searching for a place from where i could buy whipping cream.Thanks so much for the info!!

Anonymous said...

hiee:) any idea about where i could find wipping cream in south banglore??..

Anonymous said...

sorry for being impatient but pls could u let me know soon as i m plannig to prepare it for my friends on friendship day..!! thank u..
-nisha :)

chd said...

Whip cream powder is available with M.K.Ahmed super market,near BDA Complex,HSR Layout. 200gms pkt costs Rs60/-. I have tried with this powder and cream came very nicely.
This is for information who are eagerly waiting for whip cream. I do not know whether it is costly or not.

Suma Rowjee said...

Hi Nisha! Good whipping cream which doesn't cost an arm and a leg - Rich's at Fatima Bakery, Hosur Road and at Metro, then IBCA, Double Road. You can also find it at Spar Hypermarket and at Hypercity outlets, but its quite expensive. Do let me know if you find it elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot :)i searched in mantri sqare spar yesterday but din find.. i m going tom.. i will surely let you know if i find it else where..!! :)

Bina Naidu said...

Can some one let me know as to where I could get the cupcake paper (close to indiranagar and whereabouts).

Plan to make them during the long weekend!
Thanks..Bina Naidu

Anonymous said...

Are there any baking classes in or near whitefield.

Sugar Artistry said...

Sugar Artistory
I take orders for sugar flowers (roses/lily (main as well as fillers), sugar characters - (bride and groom/ nursery - baby , toys/ girl/boy praying / open book/) sugar filigree with requested shapes) royal Icing butterflies etc. I take wedding, anniversary, communion, christning and birthday orders/ Marzipan orders. Also provide cutters for flower making... enquire with me on

Sugar Artistry said...

Sugar Artistry - I take Orders for Cake decoration - Sugar flowers (main as well as fillers)/ sugar characters- bride and groom/ girl praying/ baby-toys. Marzipan fruits/ and cake orders - anniversary/ commuinion/ christening and birthday theme- sugar craft theme cakes.Also provide cutters for cake decoration / colours/dust powders - contact -

Sugar Artistry said...

Sugar Artistry - I take Orders for Cake decoration - Sugar flowers (main as well as fillers)/ sugar characters- bride and groom/ girl praying/ baby-toys. Marzipan fruits/ and cake orders - anniversary/ commuinion/ christening and birthday theme- sugar craft theme cakes.Also provide cutters for cake decoration / colours/dust powders - contact -

Ramya said...


Has anybody tried the fresh cream at nilgiris - can it be used in place of whipping cream?

Sugar Artistry said...

Discounted limited colour gels, Petal dust. Attn Bakers - I take sugar flower orders, sugar theme decoration orders. Contact :- or visit -

Anonymous said...

This blog, has been helpful! Thanks for sharing information.
Is there a place in Bangalore that sells Fondant?

ray said...

Any idea where you get "Double Cream"?

Suma Rowjee said...

@Bina - Sorry no idea about shops in Indiranagar...better to make a shopping expedition to General Additives or IBCA
@Anonymous - Sorry no idea again, Google it..

@Sugar Artistry - Thank you so much for the info!
@Anonymous - Check with IBCA
@Ray - Don't think we get double cream here, only whipping cream. Check Spar, Super Market, Gourmet Store MG Road

Anonymous said...

Hi Suma,

Slightly off topic... Do you have any idea where I can find good cast iron cookware in Bangalore. I'm looking for good quality taw a, kadai etc. If any one is selling imported cast iron brands like lodge etc that will also be useful. Can u please guide me if u have any info...


Anonymous said...

Terrific compilation. In case you wanted to update your main posted, I wanted to note that "The Super Market" (Brigade Road) has other things like pure maple syrup, molasses, corn syrup, imported cereals (Rice Krispies) and also now carries a range of gluten-free products like GF flours, etc. Anything he doesn't have, he can generally get--just ask. Can also call ahead to find out if something's in stock.

Vidhi said...

Hi.. i`m currently in chennai for my vacation.. can anyone help me where i cud get silicon cake/muffin molds and cookie cutters?? have tried poppat jamal but no luck..

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